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Date Posted: 03/11/2017

Blast from the past 6th October 2000

MAS Recruitment join Monster, Jobserve and Lander Associates as the table having the most fun at the REC Millienium awards dinner - London October 2000


Date Posted: 03/11/2017

Blast from the past 31st July 1997 Motor Transport

Michael Rowe from MAS discusses the relationship process needed to forge a lasting and effective recruitment partnership.

Motor Transport Magazine 31st July 1997.


Date Posted: 30/10/2017

Blast from the past 25th October 1996

Reading Chronicle team up with CEO of the IEC (now REC) for a qualification update


Date Posted: 27/10/2017

MAS Diversity Pledge 2006

MAS commited to the REC diversity pledge in 2006 a joint initiative between UK Job Centre Plus and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation membership.


Date Posted: 25/10/2017

Employers 15 point plan for successful recruitment campaigns


You will often find it useful to think in general terms about the feature of your agency’s services. Here is a summary of the more obvious features which an employment agency can offer clients:

1. A Confidential Service:

2. Additional Method of Advertising: 

3. Newspaper Advertising & Social Media:

4. Suitable Applicants Already to Hand: 

5. Trained and Qualified Consultants; 

6. Advice on the Job Description: 

7. Pre-selection Service: 

8. Testing Facilities; 

9. Cost of the Service: 

10. Rebate Scheme: 

11. Information Service: 

12. Personal Service: 

13. Saving the Clients Time: 

14. Temporary Support: 

15. Agency Initiative: 

Why not use an agency the way in which our service was intended, Since the days of Hiring fairs in the middle ages, a good agency offers more .... Make Absolutely Sure its MAS recruitment