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Date Posted: 22/03/2018

How to get an appointment to register for work?

If you intend to visit MAS to register for assignments or placements, please ensure you have a pre-confirmed appointment.

To obtain your registration appointment, please submit your CV and contact details via the job application page or contact page on this website. One of our consultants will contact you and confirm your appointment time.  You will need to bring your photographic ID, Confirmation of your work status, National Insurance Number, Referee contact details, Original licences or certificates, Bank details etc.

We look forward to meeting you but please make sure you don't waste your time by coming to the office without an appointment.

Please call MAS in advance if you need to change your appointment or need any assistamce during your visit.

In the meantime, keep in touch by telephone once your details have been submitted for consideration.


Date Posted: 15/02/2018

Did we have a crystal ball , whats the lottery numbers this week?

MAS published this article on 11th June 1999. 

Industry growth reaches £26 billion. 

More professional recruiters in Berkshire.

Flexible work - contract and self employed!

Next week the lottery numbers will be.........


Date Posted: 15/02/2018

Great News for your pocket!

From the 1st of April this year Temporary workers will be paid at least £7.83 per hour, a rise of 33p or +4% inrease to NLW if you prefer to calculate it that way. Unlike other suppliers of temporary staff, we pay all our workers the same rate even if they are under 25 years old!  We don’t discriminate on age (young or old ) and we certainly don’t discriminate on sex, religion or race, so come and work for the agency that cares for its workers regardless of their background.

Even more great news in addition to a significant pay rise - pension contributions paid on behalf of Agency workers will rise from 2% to 5% !! More than twice what it is now !!

"We welcome the rise in living standards brought about by the changes in the National Living Wage and hope that by going beyond the rate of inflation, workers will feel the benefit directly in their pockets."


Date Posted: 15/02/2018

Womens 6 nations

Follow the latest news from these all powerful women on the link above.



Date Posted: 23/01/2018

Swedish derogation will be up for review in 2018

The January/February IRP Legal bulletin is now available contact MAS for more details

The first edition of 2018 includes Swedish Derogation contracts,.Plus, a legal round-up of a new EU Directive on worker rights and a GDPR update from the REC.

Find out more | @recirp | #iloverecruitment |

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