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Date Posted: 01/04/2017

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Report on Jobs March 2017 Permanent

Jobs outlook: Extracts of March 2017 report from the REC Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

The most common actions for employers struggling to recruit candidates is :

re advertising the role (80%), increasing the salary (42%) looking for candidates in other sectors (37%).

Half of UK employers (49%) were concerned over the sufficient availability of candidates to fill permanent vacancies in at least one job function.

A third (34%) of UK hirers surveyed across the quarter highlighted that they had absolutely no spare capacity to take on more work within their organisation.

One fifth (22%) of hirers plan to increase permanent headcount in both the short and medium term.

Engineering/technical, hospitality and drivers are the three top sectors where recruitment agencies expect a shortage of suitable temporary agency workers. Quality of service and the expertise of an agency continue to be the top two determining criteria for employers when selecting an agency, highlighted by 94% and 88% respectively.

Permanent Recruitment SHORT-TERM OUTLOOK

In the next 3 months, do you think the number of permanent workers in your organisation will increase or decrease?

92% of UK hirers planned to maintain or increase permanent headcount over the next quarter. However, amongst large companies the figure dropped to 83% as a notable proportion (14%) remained uncertain about their plans, compared to just 6% of the UK average. With just 2% of all hirers planning any decrease to permanent headcount, access to skills for the 22% of hirers intent on adding to their numbers will be challenging.


In the next 4 –12 months, do you think the number of permanent workers in your organisation will increase or decrease?

Almost nine in ten (88%) UK hirers planned to hold or increase permanent headcount numbers in the medium term. Employers in the Midlands and London continued to be the most optimistic about increasing numbers, at 26% and 27% respectively, compared to the UK average of 22%. By size of company, just 19% of the UK’s largest enterprises (250+ employees) said that they would add to headcount, compared to 26% of medium companies.