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Date Posted: 20/08/2019

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BREXIT UPDATE - Worker advice (Ongoing updates subject to change)

Don't panic, the fact that the UK government has indicated that on October 31st 2019, the UK will leave the EU, does not mean you have to leave or will get deported on the 1st November.  There is still time for a deal and even if there is no deal  there is already plans in place to deal with the outcome of NO DEAL:

Generally European citizens living here before BREXIT should still be able to settle and stay permanently and those entering from 31st October  2019 to 1st Janaury 2021 will be able to stay for at least  three years, so the opportunity to live and work in the UK is still available via a settled status scheme.

Irish nationals  under the The CTA Common Travel Area means you will still be able to live and work in the UK after BREXIT.

After BREXIT new workers may have to apply for European Temporary Leave to Remain (which will last for 3 years) or Indefinite Leave to Remain - if you want to stay in the UK for more than 3 months, in effect like most other countries around the world, a tourist visa is different, from a resident permit.

There will be a new immigration system in place from 1st January 2021 and this will cover Europeans and non-Europeans alike.

We shall of course keep you updated during this period, also it is important that you keep your ID documents up to date, (renewal any expired documents asap) and keep a record of your work history. Any eligibility and suitability will be assessed as required and its likely employers, agencies and employment professionals, who will be given instructions to do this, as we already do - For us there is little change, so relax, the UK needs good people like our European friends, who contribute to the success of the UK, Great Britain and Northern Ireland and make us one of the top 10 global economies in the world and will continue to do so for many many more years.

Source@ Fragomen, Del Ray, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP FragomentGlobal LLP and affilates.