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Date Posted: 22/03/2019


There will be no change to the rights and status of EU citizens currently living in the UK until 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. You and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Schemeto continue living in the UK. The scheme will open fully by 30 March 2019.

source: UK Government website 13/03/2019 


After 29 March 2019 if there’s ‘no deal’

The EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 brings across the powers from EU Directives. This means that workers in the UK will continue to be entitled to the rights they have under UK law, covering those aspects which come from EU law (including those listed above except where caveated below). Domestic legislation already exceeds EU-required levels of employment protections in a number of ways. The government will make small amendments to the language of workplace legislation to ensure the existing regulations reflect the UK is no longer an EU country. These amendments will not change existing policy. This will provide legal certainty, allowing for a smooth transition from the day of EU exit, and will ensure that employment rights remain unchanged, including the employment rights of those working in the UK on a temporary basis, except where set out below.

The UK government will continue to work with the devolved administrations to ensure workers’ rights continue to operate across the UK.

In the following cases, withdrawal from the EU in a ‘no deal’ scenario has impacts on participation in agreed arrangements with the EU which benefit all EU countries:

  • Employer Insolvency: Currently, UK and EU employees working in the UK are protected under the Employment Rights Acts 1996 and Pension Schemes Act 1993(or the relevant legislation in Northern Ireland on employment rights and pension schemes) implementing the Insolvency Directive, with procedures in place for making claims in the case of employer insolvency. Similarly, UK employees working in an EU country are protected by the laws of that country that implement the directive.
  • European Works Councils: Currently EU law allows for workers to request, in certain circumstances, that their employer establishes a European Works Council to provide information and consult with employees on issues affecting employees across 2 or more European Economic Area states. These rules are set out in the European Works Council Directive (2009/38/EC). The statutory framework that applies to European Works Councils would require a reciprocal agreement from the EU for them to continue to function in their present form within the UK.


In a ‘no deal’ scenario, there are no expected financial implications or impacts for citizens or businesses operating in the UK (whether UK or EU-based) in regard to workplace rights. There are some implications in relation to European Works Councils and the insolvency of some employers, laid out below.



Date Posted: 21/01/2019

Minimum Pension Contributions increase 6th April

In accordance with the Pensions Regulator we will be increasing Employer and Worker pension contributions on 6th April this year.

This increase will mean that MAS will make a contribution of 3% to your NEST scheme whilst the worker will make an increased contribution of 5% as part of the Auto Enrollment pension services we provide.

If you need more details or wish to discuss your options you should contact NEST direct quoting your scheme number via the phone or their online service centre.


Date Posted: 11/01/2019

MAS Recruitment - Trademark

MAS Recruitment Ltd is now the proud owner of the intellectual property represented as MAS Recruitment.

To mark our 30th anniversary, we set about to protect our brand and the status of MAS Recruitment.  There are of course several impersonators on the www but now thankfully there is only one MAS Recruitment and there always will be.

If you have come across any firm or person claiming to be connected to or associated with us, or using the name MAS Recruitment or similar,  please email your findings to

In the meantime be rest assured, if you are reading this then you have reached the real MAS Recruitment and our reputation for sound and reliable recruitment services is at your finger tips.



Date Posted: 29/10/2018

Message from our MD to mark our 30 years.

After nearly thirty years of being Reading’s leading supplier of Industrial staff, having engaged literally thousands of people from over sixty countries around the globe, from sixteen year olds to an LGV driver who packed it in at the age of eighty three, from Black, White, Asian, African, Middle eastern, and every conceivable race and religion and gender we have had the pleasure of experiencing all the skills and cultures this diverse world has to offer.


We have employed people from the far north of Scotland to the furthest point in Cornwall and have been exposed to a myriad of accents and brogues along the way, we have met people who have never seen the sea, we have met people who have never seen snow and we have loved every minute of it.


Finally we have looked after and been looked after by the many many good folk of READING (and their sons, daughters, aunts, uncles and friends) and are grateful to be considered as their work colleague but perhaps more importantly their friend as well - to all of you - Thank You.


Date Posted: 18/10/2018

MAS Donation to Launchpad

Last week we donated several boxes of supplies to Launchpad in Reading, these included recyclable paper cups, bio degradable food containers and sandwich boxes etc. Our donation was much appreciated by the fantastic team there, who work hard to help the community of Reading and more. We hope our donation will come into good use for these coming colder months as well as our staff popping down to help with the SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Provision) this year!

Visit the Launchpad website to see how you can help too!