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At Talent@MAS, we understand that each organisation is different, as is the requirement of each unit within your business. Managing an ever increasing number of suppliers, establishing a structured and clear reporting process, whilst ensuring your business needs are consistently met and those "best value" guarantees are received, is more difficult than one would think, particularly if the requirement is Recruitment.

In addition, to the standard recruitment process, managed business solutions are employed by many organisations, for the purpose of rationalisation of current suppliers, providing increased quality and efficiency, as well as direct cost savings and streamlined management.

When choosing to outsource, many organisations would prefer to work with a niche or specialist provider. An organisation that understands the job of running a business, experts in their field with many years commerical experience, a trained and qualified partner with a vast knowledge base, working to a code of ethics, (in accordance with the REC and EAA regulations) with your business in mind.

Talent@MAS, are able to offer you the solution, whether you are looking to oursource the provision of your temporary workforce, your permanent recruitment functions or your entire HR process:-

Managed Services:

The management of an organisation's recruitment services including options for full HR and payroll processing.
Master Vendor:

The primary supplier of recruitment services and management of second tier suppliers.
Secondary Supplier:

The supplier of recruitment services to the master vendor.
Neutral Vendor:

The supplier who contracts with your organisation to supply and manage recruitment processes. Temporary and permanent applicants are supplied by the secondary supplier only.

General Supplier: The supplier who proivides staff in tandem with other recruitment comanies, with no specific contract or preference arrangments.

Good Recruitment Practice Charter For Talent:

At Talent@MAS we never forget that the candidate is what makes our existence possible. We aim to ensure that when we are dealing with applications on your behalf, whether for temporary or permanent work, you are represented in a professional and ethical way

  • MAS will not send your CV out to an employer without your permission.
  • MAS will audit potential clients to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing.
  • MAS will only provide temporary assignments with employers, who provide quality work.
  • MAS will manage and negotiate your pay and benefits.
  • MAS promise to treat you with respect.
  • MAS promise to process your application in accordance with current regulations and the REC Codes of Conduct.

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