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image How can your business compete and attract the very best and most talented individuals available in the UK marketplace?

At Talent@MAS your agent's role is to understand the needs of your business, its people, its policies, its desires and only when this has been achieved, to assist in the provision of introducing talented individuals to work within your business enabling it to grow, branch out and ultimately succeed.

How do you secure reliable Temporary staff services?

Many different methods are employed by our agents when required to source reliable hardworking individuals for temporary assignment, one of the most important questions we ask ourselves, would this person make a great ambassador for us? If the answer is yes, you get the "Best Value" guarantee there is, if no then unfortunately, we advise the worker that at Talent@MAS only the best will do.

How would you like to look through over three million CVs online?

Online recruiters provide access to a vast assortment of possible candidates but how do you know whether what is on paper, is actually correct? Would it not make more sense for you to spend your time interviewing the right person for the job and know that what is on paper has already been validated?

At Talent@MAS we don't send you CVs so you can draw up a short list, we shortlist and send you suitable candidates to recruit, we check ID and verify the candidates employment history, before you interview or hire. Our candidates are recommended to you verbally by our agents.

What about discrimination?

Many employers unintentionally, make the mistake of discriminating against unsuitable and sometimes potentially suitable applicants. Maybe the wording of the advert is restrictive or the qualification requirements unachievable.

Sometimes, the content of their vacancy adverts, whether online or on paper, are poorly re-produced or their description of their business is uninspiring to the reader.

Our agents discriminate every day when they select the right candidate for your assignment, but we don't use negative discrimination in the form of race, religion, sex or age. We positively discriminate and make sure you get to see the very best candidate for your company with the right skills, experience, and qualification and of course talent.

Additional Benefits

Our Talent Agent's understanding of your operation enables all potential applicants to fully understand your business in a way that no online portal or newspaper advert can. The only way to attract top quality talent is to promote your business, on an individual basis, ensuring quality candidates choose you first.

If you want to fill those vacancies, you think, like we think and you want to work with the next generation of recruitment professionals, engage our agents in your business, and enable your company to grow, by contacting our centrally located office in the heart of Reading.

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