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Date Posted: 30/11/2017

ChrtisMAS and New Year schedules 2017/18

Once again we come to the festive season with ChristMAS and the New Year 2017/18.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their ongoing comittment and the people of Berkshire for their trust and desire to work with us. 

Christmas is a time for family, friends and festivities and with so much to look forward to and at this busy time, we have outlined below dates and times for our operations:

For work carried out from 11th December to 15th December, please ensure your hours/timesheet are with MAS by 10am Monday 18th to be paid Friday 22nd December.

For work carried out from 18th December to 22nd December, please ensure your hours/timesheet are with MAS by 5pm 22nd December to be paid Friday 29th. (estimates may be processed with a catch up 12th Jan)

For work carried out from 25th December to 29th December,(Shutdown for some clients), Please ensure your hours/timesheet, are with MAS 3rd January 2018, this will be paid Friday 12th January.  There is no payroll on Friday 5th January.

For work carried out from 1st Jan to 5th Jan (Shutdown for some clients), please ensure your hours/timesheet, are with MAS by 10am Tuesday 9th Jan, this will be paid Friday 12th January.

Telephones will be manned 24/7 as usual, athough please only contact our staff out of hours if its an emergency.(Perhaps your reindeer has broken down on the way to work)

New Year 2018 takes us within a year of our 30th anniversary and with this in mind, we have some great news:

We have recently luanched our new website:, we are lookiing for stories, testimonials and comments about MAS and how we have performed over the last 30 years in order to publish an anniversary story on 27th May 2019.  We have for some people been their only source of employment with many individuals coming back to MAS several times for both temporary and permanent work.  We have had the sons and daughters of some workers come to us for assistance, as well as brothers,sisters, aunts and uncles.

We would like to hear about how we may have been involved in your work life.  Please email your stories to to be a part of our celebrations in 2019. 

In the meantime, relax and enjoy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Date Posted: 03/11/2017

Blast from the past 6th October 2000

MAS Recruitment join Monster, Jobserve and Lander Associates as the table having the most fun at the REC Millienium awards dinner - London October 2000


Date Posted: 03/11/2017

Blast from the past 31st July 1997 Motor Transport

Michael Rowe from MAS discusses the realationship process needed to forge a lasting and effective recruitment partnership.

Motor Transport Magazine 31st July 1997.


Date Posted: 30/10/2017

Blast from the past 25th October 1996

Reading Chronicle team up with CEO of the IEC (now REC) for a qualification update


Date Posted: 27/10/2017

MAS Diversity Pledge 2006

MAS commited to the REC diversity pledge in 2006 a joint initiative between UK Job Centre Plus and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation membership.